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Introduction to Your Vocation Services

A brief intro to Your Vocation services and where to connect and engage with us. Mindest, Personal, Life, Professional, Career Coaching, Mentoring, Mentorship and Leadership, High Performing Team Consultancy, Business Consultancy. Hire Us.

Almost Naked Conversation: Fear: With Adam Clarke, Vanessa Canevaro & Host Szebastian Onne

There are many types of fear, of failure or rejection perhaps and it is fear that stops us from doing something. My concern (or fear) was that I may not have something valuable to share or say. That I may be perceived as not having enough quality knowledge or experience. That I may look silly live on this show. That ultimately the audience may reject me! I took the step, appeared and guess what, nothing bad happened and only good has come from it since!

Does Perfectionism put you under Pressure?

Striving for Perfect can place us under a lot of pressure, whether we realise it or not. It can have detrimental affects on our mental well-being and have other effects that we may not understand. Here is a snippet of my opinion and experience. Live show might be coming soon!

From fear to fierce

My very first online TV live appearance for Your Vocation on Dreamaniac TV. Ever thought something was beyond your ability or even been afraid to see if it even is? Simply put, you are wrong. Put your best foot forward and give it a go. You will be able to do it, just like I did. Coaching, mentoring, business, leadership and team performance consultancy.