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4 weeks ago
Having a 9 year old certainly tests your leadership, management, resilience and patience 😂
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1 month ago
Case study: A joint HR and sustainability strategy at @RicohUK: @Reb_Wallis (Further reading: Tackling our climate emergency: HR's role:
2 months ago
#holidays & thus time away from (largely) any responsibility & decision making (aside what to have for breakfast or dinner & to do the sea or the pool!) gives you a chance to think & reflect. Not going 9000 MPH anymore.. New goals, smarter focus. #REFLECTION #IndependenceDay
2 months ago
If things don't seem to pan out for you and/or few things seem to go right or you always seem to be on the other side of the fence to everyone else.....

Take a look in the mirror as it may be you that is the issue!

Adam Clarke - Your Vocation

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3 months ago
A personal #Mindset coach can help simply through having someone to talk to, someone that listens to you but also someone that will challenge your thinking & encourage you to take action.

If you would like to explore #coaching for free, DM me.