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Case study: A joint HR and sustainability strategy at @RicohUK: @Reb_Wallis (Further reading: Tackling our climate emergency: HR's role:
2 weeks ago
#holidays & thus time away from (largely) any responsibility & decision making (aside what to have for breakfast or dinner & to do the sea or the pool!) gives you a chance to think & reflect. Not going 9000 MPH anymore.. New goals, smarter focus. #REFLECTION #IndependenceDay
4 weeks ago
If things don't seem to pan out for you and/or few things seem to go right or you always seem to be on the other side of the fence to everyone else.....

Take a look in the mirror as it may be you that is the issue!

Adam Clarke - Your Vocation

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2 months ago
A personal #Mindset coach can help simply through having someone to talk to, someone that listens to you but also someone that will challenge your thinking & encourage you to take action.

If you would like to explore #coaching for free, DM me.
2 months ago
If we understand ourselves and are able to recognise what is happening to us in the moment and we have tools at our disposal to deal with each situation, we will crush anything and be healthier and happier.