Once you become fearless life will become limitless

Once you become fearless life will become limitless

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Become Fearless, Become Limitless

‘Once you become fearless life will become limitless’ or in other words and as put to me recently ‘Go to work as though you don’t need the job’

For me this quote simply suggests that one must confront their fears, confront what stops them forging ahead with their ideas, plans or specific activities and to think about the reasons for why they are allowing themselves to be hindered.

Of course ‘fear’ can be related to general life or ‘in work’ situations. I speak of the business relation aspect here but again ask whether the way to tackle ‘fear’ is actually any different whether work or life related?

In a basic sense, someone could have a fear of something specific like reptiles or open water perhaps, usually born out of experiences or watched & learned behaviours from childhood or even thrust upon them through TV, film or other societal influencers.

The key in a business or work sense is to recognise the triggers, the feelings and what you actually fear. In my case sometimes it is purely the fear of failing and how I then look to others, even though I always set out on my journey to ‘do the right thing for the right reason’ that in itself should stop anyone perceiving me in that way.

We must at least try to overcome our fears, we have to consider what hinders us through reflective thought of why we feel that way, then plan to ensure our idea either delivers positive results or at the very least it shows that we have tried something for the right reasons.

We have to reduce the number of hurdles laid out on the track ahead that may trip us up. Not to allow a brick wall to completely stop us in our tracks. We have to do so to ensure we don’t miss out and later regret not being able to do those things.

In a business or work sense I follow this pattern every time;

  1. Take decisions for the right reasons
  2. Deal in fact
  3. Plan for success
  4. Try it and do it
  5. Reflect on the outcomes (perhaps even reflect before it may go wrong!)
  6. Learn from whatever outcomes transpire, positive or negative & if negative simply learn not to make the same mistake twice
  7. Do not fear what the outcome may be or rather learn not to fear how you’ll be perceived if what you try does happen to fail

If we can follow some simple steps and consciously think about them, every time we feel we’re struggling with fear and plan logically to tackle each item, we shouldn’t go wrong. The more this approach is taken the more it becomes normal, the more it becomes second nature, unconscious delivery even.

This is the point that we become limitless, we learn to stop consciously limiting ourselves. We allow ourselves to learn, to progress through doing & learning and ultimately ensure we’ll not have regrets later on.

What do you think about the quote? ‘Once you become fearless life will become limitless’

Do you agree with my view? Do you have another view or some different tips and ways to tackle this?

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