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If you are ready to take another step on your journey, we are ready to join it too! Please take a look at our main services and see what may fit your particular needs and circumstances. If you are not sure about anything please contact us today and we’ll do all we can to assist you.

Services & General Pricing

Mindset Coaching

A confidential exchange between you and your coach through discussion and query. Coaching, unlike mentoring, is designed to pose questions of you in the right context and at the right time in order to extract further discussion from you around the topic you have chosen. The aim of the coach is to listen and pose these questions in order to build up an understanding of your situation and specific needs but, to at the same time, begin to provide you with ‘light bulb’ moments of your own in order to help you ‘figure it out for yourself’ Nothing ever changes, improves or grows without action thus your coach is seeking tangible actions that you can and want to make to improve or change your start position. Your coach will hold you to account and check that you have undertaken your agreed actions at the start of every session as it is our goal to help you to reach yours.

This service is supplied under an hourly rate or block booking structure. Please see details below.

  • Hourly rate: £85.00
  • Block book package 1 (5 sessions): £403.75 (saving you 5%)
  • Block book package 2 (10 sessions): £765.00 (saving you 10%)
  • For more than 10 sessions or for bespoke requests, please contact us

What is included in a block booking package?

  • Free 15 minute intro call or video link session
  • Pre-session planning time
  • X Hours of coaching/mentoring (in single hour sessions or bespoke as agreed)
  • Post session email outlining key points of discussion & actions log
  • Access to your coach (while on program) via Direct Message through various applications (please note that this will be limited support as and when available to respond)
  • During your program, 2 X ‘HELP ME’ interactions for the moments of panic and when you need direction!

The same pricing structure as above applies for the following service.

Situational Mentoring

Situational Mentoring differs from coaching in that Mentoring looks at utilising the experience and capabilities of the mentor to advise, guide (& yes, still coach) you to a successful outcome whatever that may look like.

Situational Mentoring relates to any specific situation or detailed aspect of any particular topic that you may be having difficulty or issues with. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes and perspective is all that is needed to help you make the right decision for your next move. Sometimes, talking it through with someone experienced and bouncing your ideas off that person may also be enough to bring about positive change.

High Performing Team Consultancy (HPT)

There are truly many facets to building, improving and/or maintaining a high performing team. Firstly, It is about individuals, their capabilities, experience, motivators and drivers before knitting them altogether as one well oiled unit that works in harmony for the common goal. Don’t under estimate the power of each individual really engaging with the next nor overlook a single person as it could easily be to the detriment of all the teams hard work and efforts.

You may have a team now, be moving to a new role and taking on an existing team, building a team from scratch, be experience, not be experienced, have good engagement but you feel it could be better or it could all be completely broken! Whatever the case, Adam has extensive experience and knowledge of bringing people together, creating strong engagement, empowering people to be included and to work together while increasing productivity and successful output and even while driving down operational cost.

Whatever your case, contact us today to discuss your needs and current position further. If you can provide a very high level overview of your current situation and what you desire to achieve in the message content to us, this will help us to determine if we are in a position to help you.

A word on our consultancy rates

Sound relationships are built on trust. Therefore, we believe that complete, up front honesty and transparency with our clients is key to fostering our relationship. In this vein, our consultancy rates are bespoke due to the specific needs of each client and will factor in time required for planning, material costs, travel time and costs, on site or remote time spent working on your specific project/needs and any follow up time required to deliver excellence for you.

If you have any questions regarding our consultancy, please contact us today.