A Humbling tale!

A Humbling tale!

February 27, 2018 Guest Posts 0
A Humbling tale

A Humbling taleRecently I experienced something very humbling; I met a young lady for an informal interview. General questioning took us to the normal ‘tell us about you, your life, interests, what makes you tick’ type of questioning. Normally you get some work history and a little about interests and hobbies and as an interviewer you need to push for more info, get the candidate to open up a bit more; not in this case.

We received an incredibly open and honest account of this individual’s life, experiences, personal challenges, interests and a very clear outline of her goals. She really had spent a lot of time thinking about herself, her likes, dislikes and ultimately what she was seeking next. She certainly appeared to have had taken time to reflect, to truly understand herself and where she was at in her life. (If she hadn’t spent much time reflecting she was very good straight off the bat in a pressured situation!)

All of her goals were simple, straight forward, reflected a ‘right of passage’ some might say, things we may take for granted. The goals were; to have routine, simply to have a job, to feel part of something, to have a home and to feel secure….no mention of money, fancy cars or other material things, just, what I would call basic requirements.

This very clear messaging and approach was being put forward by an individual with little work, job or business experience. Someone who had had a very difficult time of it throughout most of their life. She described family troubles, quite personal and medically related challenges that, frankly at a young age no-one should have had to endure.

The key part of her story related to self-confidence, anxiety and the complete inability to leave the house or engage with anyone or anything. However, in her interview you just wouldn’t have known it, speaking with passion and conviction while maintaining a warm approach, eye contact and clear messaging throughout, it was hard to believe this person had ever been any different. So why was she?

Purely and simply, an opportunity arose and she chose to grasp it. To endure a 12 week program involving many a task and challenge designed to develop her confidence, self-worth and ability. 12 weeks of support & engagement with both peers coming from similar backgrounds and from well beyond their comfort zones undertaking a range of experiences to test even the bravest!  Above all, I think it was due to the support, being listened to, being coached and through being nurtured in a comfortable yet slightly uncomfortable, due to the activity & challenge environment.

Wow…12 weeks!

My point is, sometimes we all take where we are and who we are for granted forgetting that there are always people having a far more difficult time of things.

Maybe if more of us took some of our time and gave that to others in need both you and they would develop and learn something new. Giving some time to support and listen to someone, to share thoughts, opinions and approach to differing situational examples (or indeed real life events and experience) and to help inspire, develop and see that person achieve.

Trust me, you benefit just as much as they will benefit. That is the purpose of our sharing on ‘Your Vocation’ So why not get involved even if it is to write a short blog using your thoughts & experience; you never know who you’ll inspire.

All credit to this young lady, she truly turned her life around in just 12 weeks…and she got the job!

Very humbling.

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